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This enlightening series from Vox digs into a wide range of topics such as the rise of cryptocurrency, why diets fail, & the wild world of K-pop.

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From monarchies khổng lồ mea culpas, pooches to lớn plastic surgery, explore a wide range of fascinating topics in this celebrity-narrated docuseries.

Fairy tales have survived thousands of years for a reason. Explore their far-flung history và how the stories speak to lớn fundamental human concerns.

Dirt roads. Pickup trucks. Hip-hop? As the borders around country music shift, who decides what defines the popular genre, và who gets to lớn be a star?

Time flies... Sometimes. Its passage can seem lớn speed up và slow down. Why bởi vì we experience time the way we do, và how vị we take back some control?

From the waltz to lớn voguing, dance crazes have connected people throughout history. But when a dance catches on, who gets the credit — và compensation?

The Instagram face. A shapely posterior. Cosmetic surgery can make the latest beauty trends a reality. Explore its origins & effects, inside & out.

As the planet warms, hurricanes could become even more dangerous và destructive. What can be done to lớn survive and minimize the threat of these storms?

Apologizing is tough, và in this era of public mea culpas, forgiveness isn't guaranteed. What makes for a good apology, và why does it hold such power?

Don’t panic, but our skin plays host to lớn trillions of bacteria, fungi, mites and other microscopic guests. Go beyond skin-deep with our largest organ.

For centuries, chess has captured hearts & minds — & pawns — và it's more popular than ever. What makes this ever-changing board trò chơi so special?

Oil led khổng lồ huge advancements — and vast inequities. As the planet warms, why is it so hard khổng lồ turn away from fossil fuels, và can it be done in time?

Who's a good dog? They all are! From puppy-dog eyes lớn feats of heroism, see how canines evolved into humankind's best friends & sources of pure love.

A flag can unite, divide and terrorize. Explore how a piece of cloth transformed into a powerful symbol of both love và hate, freedom and oppression.

How vì monarchies survive when they no longer wield power? By presenting a royal fairy tale that may not reflect the reality of the past — or present.

Once crucial for survival, sugar now poses a health risk. Is there a way khổng lồ satisfy our primeval craving for sweetness in a healthy, balanced way?

The billionaire boom. Athleisure wear. The lure of cults. Explore current events & social trends with this compelling, celebrity-narrated series.

A diamond is forever. But why is that? Dig into how these mined pieces of carbon became both a status symbol & a sparkly sign of everlasting love.

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but what exactly makes things such as art & architecture aesthetically pleasing, & why bởi vì we lượt thích looking?

The planet's current rate of meat consumption is unprecedented -- và becoming unsustainable. In the future, will meat alternatives be the answer?

In this episode from 2019, experts including Bill Gates discuss the history of pandemics, how they spread & what could be done lớn contain them.

In pop culture, pirates are often depicted as booty-looting rogues, but their history is far more complicated. See how they became enemies of humanity.

Computer code now controls how we live. But how did these programming languages evolve? & how can they be used khổng lồ build a new và better world?

It began with bloomers. Then came spandex. Now we sport leggings và other activewear everywhere. How did comfy, casual clothing go mainstream?

What goes on inside an animal's mind? Figuring out how they think and feel might just be the key khổng lồ understanding our own place in the world.

There are more billionaires than ever. But how does this vast accumulation of wealth affect the world? Mark Cuban và Bernie Sanders offer insights.

How vì cults lure people in and exert control? Learn a cult’s telltale signs, và how loneliness and life online makes indoctrination easier than ever.

This enlightening series digs into a wide range of topics such as the rise of cryptocurrency, why diets fail, và the wild world of K-pop.

When does sound become music? Why are humans so uniquely able to master musicality? Researchers talk rhythm, octaves and the magic of song and dance.

The global water crisis is at an inflection point. How vì we price our most valuable resource, while also ensuring access lớn it as a human right?

Hillary Clinton và Anne-Marie Slaughter discuss the cultural norms at the center of the worldwide gender pay gap, including the " penalty."

Political correctness can sometimes feel like a tug-of-war between inclusivity and free speech. Experts discuss the concepts behind the fraught term.

The female orgasm is more elusive when a man is involved. Discover the reasons why -- và how women are embracing hands-on solutions.

Can we uncover the secrets khổng lồ extending the human lifespan? Experts discuss how developments in science -- even the French lilac -- hold some clues.

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Do zodiac signs prescribe your fate? Or bởi vì horoscopes' accuracy lie in the placebo effect? Take a look at the science, history và lure of astrology.

They've been used to command respect, punish criminals và mark achievements. Tattooists speak about the origins of tattoo traditions & rituals.

Marijuana experts discuss the rise of potent " frustrated" cannabis plants, the quest for consistency in weed strains & the history of hemp.

Cricket experts look at how the confusing thể thao became so popular và discuss its evolution in becoming more accessible, entertaining và profitable.

Do we overuse exclamation points!? Linguists và copy editors look at how the punctuation has adapted across history, literature and internet-speak.

Despite decades of searching, we have yet to discover extraterrestrial life. Scientists discuss the reasons, including: Are aliens just too snobby?

Is kém chất lượng violence a sport? Fans, shoutcasters and eSports icons break down today's đoạn clip games và the explosive popularity of competitive gaming.

Does the stock market accurately reflect the status of the economy? Finance specialists discuss market history, valuations and CEO incentives.

Atkins. Paleo. Keto. Vày any work in the long term? Experts look at marketing, food environments và genes to explain why diets are often unsuccessful.

Cryptocurrency has made people billionaires, but is digital cash the next revolution? Learn about this anonymous currency and why it's so coveted.

Elaborate music videos, adoring fans, killer choreography. Learn about the global music phenomenon from South Korea that goes beyond " Style."

What vị biology, human history & the promiscuity of bonobos reveal about monogamy? Experts and everyday couples weigh in on shifting cultural norms.

Scientific feat or terrifying social experiment? Specialists in the field discuss the high stakes & ethical controversies of gen editing.

Cory Booker và others discuss how slavery, housing discrimination & centuries of inequality have compounded to lớn create a racial wealth gap.

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