Girl's day's hyeri revealed how boyfriend & actor ryu jun yeol reacted to her drama, 'my roommate is a gumiho'

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Lee Hyeri

She is a Korean actress, singer, và television personality. She was born on June 9, 1994. She is a member of the Korean girl group “Girl’s Day”.

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Who Is Lee Hyeri Boyfriend?

Lee Hyeri’s boyfriend is Ryu Jun Yeol and their relationship duration is about 5 years.

Lee Hye-ri and Ryu Jun Yeol Relationship

Lee Hye-ri Boyfriend 2021

Recently Lee Hyeri said in an interview that her boyfriend shows great tư vấn for her recent drama My Roommate is a Gumiho. She says her boyfriend watches every episode of this drama và tells her that she is doing great. Hyeri also added that her boyfriend is very supportive. “Sometimes he is cold and sometimes he is very warm”. Even in 2021, Lee Hyeri’s boyfriend is Ryu Jin Yeol.

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Lee Hye-ri Ryu Jun Yeol Breakup News

Recently it was rumored that Hyeri has broken up with her boyfriend due lớn her co-star Jang Ki-Yong. Because they show very sweet moments on và off-screen. Some people really believe it but it is totally false. Because according to lớn Hyeri they are still dating và having fun together. Currently, she was spotted at dinner with her boyfriend. It was also confirmed by the restaurant owner. They often chia sẻ their pictures together. Hyeri has said she met her boyfriend many times lượt thích she met her group members. It means they are enjoying themselves và having a good time together.

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So, guys, it is true that Hyeri is still dating Ryu Jun Yeol. Và we wish this sweet couple the best of luck for the future.

Lee Hyeri Ryu Jun Yeol Marriage

People also ask about the Lee Hyeri marriage. She is still single but dating her co-star Ryu Jun Yeol for approximately five years. They are still not married. Maybe they will get married this or in the upcoming year.

Lee Hyeri Ryu Ji Yeol Age gape

Lee Hyeri and Ryu Ji Yeol has a age gape of 8 yeras. These stars were first met with each other at the stage of the drama ” Reply 1988″ in 2016.