Monkey Junior: Learn To Read For Mac


Learn lớn read with Monkey Junior, is a learn khổng lồ reap appwith numerous reading games for kids. There are three different difficulty levels, so your child can learn & grow within this learning khổng lồ read app.

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This kids learning phầm mềm has plenty of reading lessons that are engaging so that children are eagerto learn every day. Each lesson lasts around 10 minutes, and children can learn one or more lessons per day. No preparation is required for parents. This learning phầm mềm for kids is fast, fun, & effective.


Monkey Junior: learn lớn read

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Learn to read with Monkey Junior is a comprehensive reading program that will help kids learn through reading games. In the free version, you get access to lớn one course with over 80 different lessons, và more than 300 sight words across 30 topics. There are 250 high unique images and 150 videos that will make your child's learning experience an enjoyable one.

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Through in-app purchases, you can access the vast amount of content this phầm mềm offers.It has a total hundreds courses in six languages with an additional few being always on the way. There's over 5,500 lessons for each language, covering hundreds of topics & over 9,000 sight words. Additionally, there are 16,000 videos và 48,000 images.

The learn to read tiện ích started out as one language only lessons with just a few options và little functionality lớn offer, but over the years of development & upgrades learning lớn read app has grown into massive multi purpose trustworthy educational platform, earning hundreds of thousands costumers worldwide. This truly is one of the most comprehensive reading phầm mềm that I have ever seen.

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This wide range of reading courses will help your child either start learning to read, or continue learning to read. There are three difficulty levels of easy, medium, & advanced, so you can start your child out anywhere in that spectrum.

My seven year old has been doing well learning to read, but I love it when she tries new things. I mix her up with the app, & she sat there learning for a good hour exploring the various sight words, và trying out a few of the games too.


Many Topics Covered

Learn lớn read with Monkey Junior covers many topics such as shapes, trang chủ objects, body parts, toys, actions, fruit & vegetables, and wild animals. This also includes insects, nature, transportation, & occupations, & more than 100 phonics rules.

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My kids have been fascinated with bugs lately, so learning to lớn read và spell the insect names & some more nature words was useful for their journaling. My seven year old loves to lớn write in her diary, and has been writing squiggly words for years. Now she is trying to write proper words and this is helping her a lot.

I also liked that the reading program is interactive. It’s not just a flash card that pops up, but you can watch your child engage with the app and really enjoy their learning experience. Flash cards are a great tool, but the app takes it a step further, in the free version, lớn cover the 30 topics with over 300 sight words và 250 high chất lượng images that really reach out the your child.