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This hàng hóa gives me an amazing glow and is also good for my skin. For a more subtle, dewy look, I phối it with my foundation & then apply it. It also matches my skin perfectly (as it"s supposed to).

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Soak It Up Kit: Water Drench Cloud Cream Moisturizer 50ml + Water Drench Cloud Cream Cleanser 57ml + Cucumber Gel Mask 50ml


These are super hydrating và makes my eye makeup glide on really nicely. For the best effect, I leave it on overnight. Pricy, but so worth it


A mask that actually works. Ever since I’ve been using it, my face has cleared up dramatically. A Definite must buy!


Лично на мне не показал ничего особенного... Не особо отличается от корейских собратьев в плане действия. На мой взгляд, цена завышена. Да, не пощипывакт во время использования, да, держать нужно меньше. Но те же корейцы...

Luscious in a Bottle. This fragrance is intoxicating. It makes you feel delicious. When I"m stressed out at work I sniff my wrist for calm. I received so many compliments on this scent. People have stopped me walking down the street khổng lồ inquire what scent I"m wearing. Just becoming difficult khổng lồ purchase.

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