Red peel tingle serum by so natural

We’ve heard about the legendary face oils và setting spray of So Natural—and now, finally, we can order their products here in Manila without having to lớn pay for expensive shipping fees!

Korean and Natural—these two words sum up in a nutshelltoday’s hottest trends in makeup and skincare. Thanks to lớn the widespreadpopularity of Hallyu or Korean culture—which encompasses K-pop, K-drama, andanything Korean-related—we’ve been opened to lớn the beautiful world of Koreanbeauty products. And because of the development in organic & naturalproducts, we’ve found a new appreciation for things that are environmentalfriendly và gentle on the skin.

A newcomer lớn the Korean makeup and skincare scene here inManila is So Natural, a Korean brand that specializes in harnessing the powerof natural ingredients to provide products that are gentle and effective onAsian skin.Bạn sẽ xem: So natural essential deep facial oil


We’ve heard so much about this brand from beauty bloggersand celebrities who’ve raved about some of their signature products. Andbefore, you have to lớn go lớn the US or Korea to get your hand on So Natural makeupand skincare. Because of the booming market for Korean products and onlineshopping, So Natural decided lớn finally bring the brand khổng lồ the Philippines.

So Natural President Ms. Choi Jung Rak và ExecutiveDirector Mr. Sim tuy vậy Hark were at the launch of the brand here in Manila andthey tell that they’ve been wanting to come khổng lồ thePhilippines for a while now. While they’re holding out on opening their ownbrick-and-mortar store, they’ve decided to lớn offer their products through onlinechannels like BeautyMNL và Seoul Unni. All of this has become possible, thanks toJessica Marie Ranada of Han MNL, the official and local distributor of So Natural in the Philippines.

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So Natural has a wide range of products, depending on yourskin type and needs. If you haven’t used So Natural products before and want totest the waters first, we went ahead and did that for you. We came up with alist of our favorites and the best-sellers from the brand that you might wantto showroom to your everyday beauty routine.

Face Oils

There are two face oils that stand out in the So Naturalline—the Signature Face Oil and the Silk Collagen Glow Ampoule.

The Signature Face Oil has been a bestseller in the SoNatural line for 10 years now and is popular even among Hollywood artists. It’s100% cold-pressed nature-derived face oil containing sunflower seed oil, goldenjojoba oil, and tiger nuts oil. So Natural emphasizes the use of cold-pressingbecause cold-pressing protects the active ingredients in the sản phẩm that maybe destroyed during heat processing. Because of this, the purity of the oil ispreserved, making it more potent. It’s perfect for all types of skin & is very lightweight.

The Silk Collage Glow Ampoule is not so much as a face oil,but more lượt thích a serum with intense anti-aging benefits. Did you know that youshould start using anti-aging products as early as your 20s so as khổng lồ delay theaging of your skin as soon as possible?

So Natural President Ms. Choi Jung Rak says the SilkCollagen is one of her favorites because it immediately gives your skin thatfirm và velvety texture right after application. It even has visible collagenthreads that melt into the skin so the collagen is absorbed more.

The Red Series

The Red Series is a 4-step solution for those who have acneproblems khổng lồ combat. The star of this series is the Red Peel Tingle Serum, acult classic among Korean skincare lovers. It’s a super powerful chemicalexfoliator that’s formulated with AHA, BHA, và berry extracts. It’s named assuch because you’ll notice a bit of tingling in your skin upon application—whichis normal—and it peels the dead skin cells right off your face, leaving youwith a renewed & fresh skin.


After the serum, follow with the 5.5 Red Water Toner, whichis a balancing toner designed to bring back your skin lớn optimum pH. It’sformulated with neem leaves và flower extracts so it’s refreshing and givesyou skin that supple and natural glow. It’s also non-reactive lớn light so youcan use it day and night.

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The 5.5 Red Ampoule Mask is a sheet mask that further bringsthat balancing power. It’s best used when you used the Red Peel Tingle Serumbecause it brings backs the pH cấp độ of the skin after the intense peeling.

And just like any skincare, you need to lớn finish with a goodmoisturizer to lớn hydrate and lock in the moisture. For acne-prone skin, SoNatural recommends the Centel Get Back Cream, which is a non-comedogenicmoisturizer that provides that perfect hydration without clogging the pores.

For spot treatment

So Natural has a number of spot-treatment products dependingon what you need. If you want to dry and heal an acne spot immediately, there’sthe Centella Magic Powder (it does look lượt thích a magic powder) that can causeacne spots to heal overnight. If you need lớn go about your day, they also havea Clear Spot Patch khổng lồ hide an embarrassing blemish. Và for aftercare, applyMadecare Ointment, which is a fast-absorbing cream that rapidly reduces acnescars.

They also have an interesting sản phẩm called theAll Kill Blackhead Clear Stick that comes with an exfoliating massage brush tohelp cleanse the pores and then smoothen it out afterwards.